1oz (28g) Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) powder

$ 15.00

Solid Dry Lubricant

Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) is one of the most lubricous materials known to science. With Coefficient of Friction at 0.03, it offers excellent dry lubricity unmatched to any other substance. It can also be used in high temperature and high pressure applications. It offers temperature resistance from

-450 oF (-270oC) to 1200oF (650oC) in normal atmosphere and from -305oF (-188oC) to 2400oF

(1316oC) in Vacuum. Load bearing property of coated film is extremely high at 300,000 psi.

Since the powder offers one of the lowest Coefficient of Friction (Dynamic @ 0.03 & Static @ 0.07), the applications are unlimited and could be tried with every conceivable idea.

WS2 powder can be added to Oil/Lubricant/Liquid/Water/Plastic etc. to increase lubricity of mixture. WS2 can also be coated on a substrate by Spraying/Buffing/Tumbling.

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