• $ 10500

This is a brand new ON/ON/OFF fan switch override harness assembly developed and manufactured by DZ Motorsports LLC. 

The fan override option allows you to turn on the cooling fan during extreme riding conditions. This assembly will also allow the user to let the fan run on it's normal cycle when the switch is in the center position and you will also be able to turn the fan off with the switch in the bottom position.

The main reason to turn the fan off would be if you are running in deep water or mud. This will save your fan blades from shearing off. The switch is backlit in daylight, BLUE led's on both half's of the switch. This harness and relay are compossed of high quality automotive style weather proof connectors and heat resistant wire loom.

The harness is completly plug & play and also has an extra acc plug for adding additional items in the future, like our SPORT LOW harness, radio, or light bar.

Harness assembly comes with detailed picture instructions and zip ties to make installation a breeze. This assembly has the same craftmanship and componets as our SPORT LOW set up and I promise, you wont be disappointed. 

Please make sure to select the right model when ordering.

The Maverick harness works on both the XRS & XDS models FYI.

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