• $ 9500

Looking to reduce cab and engine heat on your YXZ 1000? Well DZ has solved this issue with a plug n play fan override harness. You will now have the ability to turn on the fan motor whenever you wish or to be used in stock form. Installation is simple, this harness uses OEM connectors and allows you to easily plug into the factory fan connector and 12v acc connector to excite the relay. No more splicing or hacking into the factory harness to make your fan come on.

This YXZ harness comes complete with everything needed to install on your YXZ 1000. Harness includes a "Y" adapter to add additional acc in the future. All wires are soldered at connector terminals and wrapped in heat resistant braided wire loom. All OEM connectors are weather proof sealed along with the relay assy. Kit also includes a custom etched Carling rocker switch with prewired switch socket and step by step install instructions.

Other DZ items that compliment this kit are the optional YXZ acc harness and YXZ dash mount panel.

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