• $ 20000

Looking to reverse your cooling fans on your 2019+ YXZ without the hassle of installing our fan reverse jumpers every time you want some heat in the cab? Well, we have solved that problem! 

With 2 variations to choose from, this plug in-play, DIY installation kit will allow you to reverse your rear mounted cooling fans with the flip of a switch. If you already have a fan override kit installed on your YXZ this simply plugs in line with your override setup.

Need a fan override kit? In this variation we've added the override into the box so it's a simple one step installation.

This is a DIY kit, No written instructions or mounting hardware is included. Most installs have the box being mounted under the bed on the passenger side close to the stock fan connections. There is a Sub harness and full wiring harness supplied with labels to make installation effortless and simple to install.

Each kit is handcrafted and assembled here at DZ with the same quality components and attention to detail as all of our other wiring products, so please allow 1-2 business days to build your kit.

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