• $ 3995

Tired of trying to figure out how to properly wire your new electrical Acc to your YXZ? Well DZ has the answer with a pre-wired and labeled sealed Relay assy. Kit includes:
* A weather resistant sealed relay assy
* A sealed Fused positive ring terminal
* A Neg ring terminal
* A 74" signal wire in braided loom with female spade terminal for switch or switch socket
* A 12" blue wire unloomed to send power to your accessory
All wires are labeled for ease of installation.
Relay kit uses automotive grade 16 ga. GXL wire in heat resistant braided wire loom with heat shrunk ends. All wire connections are sealed and soldered for maximum protection against the elements.
Each kit is masterfully hand crafted and assembled in house and made to order. You wont be disappointed.

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